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    Vanuatu Taxation

    This article covers the highlights of the Vanuatu taxation system. As one of the worlds last true tax havens, Vanuatu is rightfully considered to be the most attractive place in the world to do legitimate wealth preservation business. It is a little known fact that when the Vanuatu passport is measured using business metrics, it ranks 7th in the world (Source: Global Passport Rank) Vanuatu Taxation of individuals & legal entities The friendly nature of the Vanuatu taxation system makes it the ‘go to’ destination for tax planning. The general taxation conditions as a whole are the same for residents and non-residents. There are no taxes imposed on; income, wealth, inheritance,…

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    Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment

    Vanuatu is a leading offshore financial center and tax haven in the South Pacific region. It also offers a route to Vanuatu citizenship in exchange for country inward investment. This is commonly known as ‘citizenship by investment’ (CBI). Another interesting fact is that, when using real world metrics, a Vanuatu passport ranks in the top 10 of all passports in the world (source: Global Passport Rank) The Appeal Of Vanuatu To Foreign Investors The importance of a 2nd passport & citizenship to business people and their families, is an indisputable fact. Vanuatu offers a contingency plan against fast changing political or economic circumstances. It protects and preserves; personal, business and…

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    Getting A Vanuatu Passport

    Is it possible or legal to get a second passport or citizenship? The simple answer is, yes. If you qualified for a Vanuatu Passport, you would receive it in as little as 30-45days. Generally speaking, there are two main regions of the world that offer the opportunity to ‘buy’ a 2nd passport and citizenship; South Pacific (Passport of Vanuatu) & certain nations within the Caribbean (Dominica, St Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, St Lucia & Grenada) For the purpose of this article, we will be concentrating on Vanuatu. Why Vanuatu? If you take into account the following weighted factors, a Vanuatu Passport, believe it or not, is one of…

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    Vanuatu Is A Glorious Hidden Gem Of The South Pacific

    Located in the South Pacific is the island nation of Vanuatu (Republic-of-Vanuatu). Nestled within its 83 islands you’ll discover a whole world full of sunshine and wild adventures. You’ll find ancient cultures, hiking trails, a live volcano, world-class scuba diving, remote and rugged islands. This is just a small taste of what awaits you amongst this 83 island archipelago. Vanuatu is divided into six provinces The country’s population is roughly 300,000 strong. Its people are spread across 6 provinces, encompassing a wide diversity of languages. However, the most commonly spoken, are: English, French and Bislama. Each Vanuatu province has its own signature attractions. They range from; water music, snake dancers…