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    Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment

    Vanuatu is a leading offshore financial center and tax haven in the South Pacific region. It also offers a route to Vanuatu citizenship in exchange for country inward investment. This is commonly known as ‘citizenship by investment’ (CBI). Another interesting fact is that, when using real world metrics, a Vanuatu passport ranks in the top 10 of all passports in the world (source: Global Passport Rank) The Appeal Of Vanuatu To Foreign Investors The importance of a 2nd passport & citizenship to business people and their families, is an indisputable fact. Vanuatu offers a contingency plan against fast changing political or economic circumstances. It protects and preserves; personal, business and…

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    Getting A Vanuatu Passport

    Is it possible or legal to get a second passport or citizenship? The simple answer is, yes. If you qualified for a Vanuatu Passport, you would receive it in as little as 30-45days. Generally speaking, there are two main regions of the world that offer the opportunity to ‘buy’ a 2nd passport and citizenship; South Pacific (Passport of Vanuatu) & certain nations within the Caribbean (Dominica, St Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, St Lucia & Grenada) For the purpose of this article, we will be concentrating on Vanuatu. Why Vanuatu? If you take into account the following weighted factors, a Vanuatu Passport, believe it or not, is one of…

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    Vanuatu Is A Glorious Hidden Gem Of The South Pacific

    Located in the South Pacific is the island nation of Vanuatu (Republic-of-Vanuatu). Nestled within its 83 islands you’ll discover a whole world full of sunshine and wild adventures. You’ll find ancient cultures, hiking trails, a live volcano, world-class scuba diving, remote and rugged islands. This is just a small taste of what awaits you amongst this 83 island archipelago. Vanuatu is divided into six provinces The country‚Äôs population is roughly 300,000 strong. Its people are spread across 6 provinces, encompassing a wide diversity of languages. However, the most commonly spoken, are: English, French and Bislama. Each Vanuatu province has its own signature attractions. They range from; water music, snake dancers…