Passport Offerings

This website is about the hidden offerings in the world around you. Offerings that you might never have even thought existed or were open to you.

We all have an idea of what a passport is. Of course we do. Every time we travel abroad, we keep our passports with us, safe and secure. They are an essential travel document.

Passport Offerings

Did you know that you can legally hold two passports at the same time? Did also you know that you can add family members to your second passport application, so they too can take advantage of all its benefits?

Another question for you… did you know that you can add family members to the second passport you might currently hold?

If you didn’t, then maybe you don’t know the power of what you hold, or could hold, by having a second passport.

A Professional Service

As a professional adviser in government authorised Citizenship programs; Permanent Residency or Second Passports, if you engage in my services, you will always receive ‘best advice’. Advice that is personal to your circumstance and tailored to your needs.

I am selective with whom I work and I only take on serious individuals that require and value a professional tailored service. The best service they say, is an invisible service, and that is exactly what I provide.

If you want to engage my services, contact me