Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment

Vanuatu is a leading offshore financial center and tax haven in the South Pacific region. It also offers a route to Vanuatu citizenship in exchange for country inward investment. This is commonly known as ‘citizenship by investment’ (CBI).

Another interesting fact is that, when using real world metrics, a Vanuatu passport ranks in the top 10 of all passports in the world (source: Global Passport Rank)

The Appeal Of Vanuatu To Foreign Investors

The importance of a 2nd passport & citizenship to business people and their families, is an indisputable fact. Vanuatu offers a contingency plan against fast changing political or economic circumstances.

It protects and preserves; personal, business and family asset wealth. Getting a Vanuatu passport is fast becoming ‘the’ must have business/family asset.

Vanuatu 2nd Passports & Citizenship

Why Are CBI Programs Offered?

In the main, only 12 countries around the world offer citizenship by investment programs (CBI).

These programs are used by the nation governments to build up the countries infrastructure; schools, hospital and roads etc.

The funds are also used as a contingency to survive natural disasters, economic downturns and other negative impacting events.

To attract foreign investment, countries compete with one another. To attract the most inward investment, a nations CBI program must stand out and offer something more than the others.

Stand Out Factors

Processing – Currently, the Caribbean nations take up to 6mths to process and issue a 2nd passport. Vanuatu takes just 30-45days.

Power – The fact that Vanuatu has the worlds 7th most powerful passport (when using business weighted metrics), Vanuatu becomes the standout option.

Cost – In terms of cost, a 2nd Vanuatu Passport is very competitive, especially when adding family members to an application. A family of four, for example, would only pay $195,000.00 inclusive of all costs. No other nation can offer this package.

Vanuatu Citizenship and Passports

A Vanuatu Citizenship Opens Many Doors

A Vanuatu passport allows its holder to visa-free movement around the world to over 143 countries and territories.

A holder can stay in the UK for up to 6mths, leave for one full day, then return for a further 6mths. There is also access to the Schengen region for 90days out of 180.

Vanuatu, because of its stability and ‘no country alliance’ policy has access to some of the strongest economic trading blocks in the world.

The Future Looks Strong

It already has visa-free access to; UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia and Schengen but what people don’t realise is that Vanuatu is in negotiation with other major trading blocks to accept Vanuatu Citizens, visa-free.

These nations include; China, Australia and Canada. No other passport in the world would offer the visa-free access points that Vanuatu will if these negotiations come to a positive conclusion. Every major economic nation would then have become visa-free to every Vanuatu 2nd Passport holder.

Privacy & Secrecy When Applying For Vanuatu Citizenship

The application process of obtaining the 2nd Vanuatu Passport and citizenship is strictly confidential. No third parties are informed of your dealings.

Vanuatu accepts dual and multiple citizenships, meaning that there is no need to renounce your primary, or any other citizenships you might hold.

If you’ve been rejected from another CBI program before, provided it is not for criminal activities, Vanuatu will still welcome your application.

In Conclusion – Vanuatu Citizenship

A Vanuatu citizenship and 2nd passport allows the holder to the following benefits:

  • Hold a top 10 world passport
  • Experience true visa-free travel
  • Expanding list of visa-free destinations
  • Access to Tax Haven banking & Asset protection
  • Wealth preservation for personal, Business & family asset trusts
  • Domicile assets in a Tax free environment – No CGT, IHT or Income tax

The list is longer. Learn more by reading how to get a Vanuatu 2nd citizenship and passport here

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